Powerflushing & Central Heating Maintenance in Manchester

Hot water tank or central heating system making strange noises? Chances are that your central heating system could benefit from a powerflush.

Over time your central heating system will naturally build up grime, especially if your plumbing mainly uses metal pipes. If your radiator has cold spots or you're paying over the odds for your heating bills a powerflush could help improve your system's performance.

Your system could benefit from a powerflush!

Are you're suffering from?

  • Loud noises from your boiler
  • Heating system slow to warm up
  • You need to regularly bleed your radiators
  • Discoloured radiator water
  • Repeated pump failures

What is Powerflushing and how does it work?

A flushing pump is connected to your system with a filter. A powerful magnet removes harmful oxides from your system and speeds up the flushing process.

A chemical solution is then injected into your system to help maintain a clear central heating system.

Radiator bleeding

Do you have a poor flow of hot water? Why not talk to us about powerflushing your system. Call 07850 366 271.

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